Sunday, July 27, 2008


turns out that's the perfect ratio for a fabulous weekend in the cascades... 3 cool women, 2 awesome dogs, and 3 bottles of wine. It was great to catch up with my old friend Steph Zador who lives in Seattle, haven't seen her in 8 or 9 years, but it was like no time had passed. Met up with her and her friend Sara from Port Townsend, and got in some gorgeous hikes at Rainy pass. SO glad to have Steph in the area, and around for future adventures...

caz posing in the heather. i must say this move has been great, as far as i can tell, on caz. and somehow thru the total upheavel of our lives -we've really bonded, maybe for the first time in 2 years.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Migration already

I barely beat the shorebirds in migrating down here from AK, I wish they would have given me a little more time to settle in. The folks here thought they were hiring a "bird nerd" - instead they got me. So here's a quiz for my true "bird nerd" friends - greater and a lesser, or lesser and a kid? (for the non-bird nerd folks like me, they are simply yellowlegs).

OR restoration tour

I spent the week (in the car again!!) touring wetland restoration sites in OR and visiting with some very innovative farmers in the Klamath Basin. Great week - travelling with 4 collaborators in the Skagit, seeing first hand some farms and wetlands... but I'm overwhelmed with my new job - SO much to learn. A few quick photos...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

welcome to the cascades

took a break from househunting stress and went out for a short dayhike in the cascades just east of bellingham last weekend with Nate and his friends. it was a great intro to the cascades - a whole new world to explore, i'm excited. the weather has been outrageously beautiful since i've been here and it was fun to get high enough to cool down a bit playing in the snow. many more trips to come i'm sure...
Mt Baker - a new fixture on my horizen here.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


at the time it seemed like it would take forever, but of course now that I'm here, it seems like it was so quick. funny how time just kinda stalls out on a journey like that. 4 days of solid driving and I crossed the border late last night. Long enough to get used to the idea of leaving Alaska, though not long enough to get used to the idea of moving to WA. Even at the end I still felt pangs of envy anytime I passed a Uhaul heading North. Staying w/ a friend of Audrey's in Bellingham for now. Madly looking for a place to live, already poked my head in the new office, and still some loose ends to tie up in AK... lots to do.

Caz did ~ 20 min of her 360 crazies when we arrived late last night - if that's any sign, i guess we're both glad to be here. or at least glad to be out of the car.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rhythm of the road

early morning run today to mendalsta lake, S of Iskut, B.C.

From Smithers, BC (where they sell bubble tea, ohmigod am I in Bouder already?)

So is it pathetic that I like to stop at internet cafe's so that I can blog and "talk" to somebody other than Caz? Day 3 and we're getting in a groove. up early. coffee and drive a bit. stop to run. drive all day. late afternoon/evening hike somewhere. drive some more. stop late and camp in the rain. Slowly as it gets greener, more deciduous, the white spruce bigger... as I move South I can slowly start to pry my thoughts away from Alaska and focus more and more on the adventures ahead.

But it's so rainy here, I wonder and worry if I'm cut out for the Pacific NW. The car is ripe - 3 days ripe - with wet tent, wet dog, wet running shoes... Dea I'm pretty sure the smell would kill you instantly.

I have seen far more bears and mosquitos than I ever did in Alaska, I am driving away from that no?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

On the road...

Saturday morning at the hip coffee shop in whitehorse. Free dog bisquits with your breve. Man if I weren't moving to WA I would move here in a heartbeat, only my 2nd time here but I love Whitehorse. Great run on the Yukon Marathon trails this morning, and now just visiting w/ locals on a sunny saturday morning. Yukoners are so ridiculously friendly.

Leaving AK has been a bit easier than I anticipated - so far. But still I've had my meltdowns - driving thru delta junction (I resisted the urge to detour and say goodbye to the dogs, goats, and pigs on the mason farm), and again when crossing the border. The thing I will miss - more than the mountains, the tundra, and the coast - is the people of course. But of all of the goodbyes - none of them felt final. My friends there have become such a huge part of my life, I realized that will continue wherever my life is. I know I will see the people I care the most about again - it's not a matter of if, but simply a matter of when. Driving thru delta I was thinking of the history I share with Ellie... spring on the delta in our early 20's, Fairbanks, Mexico, Anchorage, she was the first one I called when I lost Kai, I even made her wedding cake... so much history there. but fortunately I realize that I'm not leaving that history, I get to take it with me.

That said, I already miss all you guys.
bear cubs on the road near Kluane.

stuff and more stuff

i moved to AK with a backpack and a ski bag, taking the train across all of Canada to get here. How is it then, that despite getting rid of stuff on craigslist,, and daily trips to salvation army this last week, that I'm still leaving with more than 500 lbs. of stuff going on the boat South, and the car totally crammed with me and caz and more stuff??