Wednesday, August 13, 2008

back to AK

i had an absolutely fabulous weekend in Haines, AK for Caroline and Pat's wedding last weekend. It was a small wedding on their land just outside of Haines. They've built this gorgeous cabin entirely themselves - milled the logs from the property, everything. it is so detailed and beautiful, a labor of love more than any house i've ever been to. It was a powerful weekend - small group of great people, spectacular location, hiking, kayaking, eating, drinking... it left me incredibly homesick for Alaska.

it was an all the crab you can eat weekend, caught right off the beach...

"tent city" - we all camped out in their backyard - 30 acres of gorgeous SE forest
hiking up to the davidson glacier - just a few miles behind their cabin.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

moving in

finally! the stuff i shipped has arrived from Alaska, and I am unpacking these days... it feels weird. found a real cute and charming house, in dire need of some tlc. renting for now, with the option to buy in 6 months... but my dilemna - would you buy a house in the floodplain??

no doubt the best part of the house is the kitchen window - looking out on an elaborate garden, and the Hedlin farm behind that (one of the farmers in my program at work, and I now buy all my produce at their farmstand a half a mile from my house). it also has a great sunroom, an awesome deck, 2 pear trees, an apple tree, grapes, and some really lovely 30 year old yellow carpet and mint green paint....