Sunday, March 19, 2006

CHS bachlorette ski

We had a great bachlorette party for rebecca this weekend at chena hot springs - a great ski, drinks in the swanky ice hotel, a soak in the hot springs, a treasure hunt, good aurora.... it was a really fabulous weekend...
rebecca and audrey
stac killer 360 views from the top
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rebecca's bachlorette party

having an iced martini in the ice hotel
stac in the bear bed, (it only cost $800/night to stay here!!) rebecca is now well equiped for marriage! the treasure hunt... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 11, 2006

more utah photos...

dianne reading the writing on the wall

the ruins at monarch cave, on comb ridge. Posted by Picasa


great trip to colorado, now nice to be home. here's a few of my favorite photos. not much snow in durango so we went and spent a few days in the desert near bluff, utah. i really really love this sandstone country..
desert varnish artwork...
joe on the edge of comb ridge.
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Bierstadt Mtn

Kath- here's how i celebrated your bday for you, i hiked my first 14er (in winter)!! Audrey and i drove up Guanella pass from Boulder after the conference, did this hike, then went and stayed with a friend in Frisco. The hike was only 6 miles round trip but the altitude kicked my butt (not surprising i guess since the highest thing around fairbanks is probably ~ 800 ft), so it was one of the hardest hikes i've ever done. but the views were worth it...
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