Monday, April 23, 2007

sunday ride

40 miles on the elliot, perfect weather, not much traffic... great ride.

improptu yoga on the side of the highway...
stacia found a bike seat that matched her arm warmers.
of course, a chocolate pit stop...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

happy birthday ellie mae

this photo is exactly 10 years old - crazy! at least your fashion has improved a bit, i think? we were so proud of that homemade driftwood bench...

spring is here! i'm kinda sad to be leaving AK right now as this is definitely one of my favorite times of year here. heard the first geese today, so juncos should be here any day now.. last year the first warbler seen from my outhouse was on april 27... i'll miss all the arrivals and when i get back even the mosquitos will be here! leaving tuesday for the big ditch - SO EXCITED!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mud season

drying out muddy running shoes...

Not sure what season you all are having there on the east coast, but it's good ol mud season here. Skied my last ski of the year last weekend - a 'winter triathon' - ski, run, swim. then starting bike commuting to work this week (25 degrees on the way in to work - ouch! but 50 degrees on the way home). Yesterday ran the 8 mi ester dome loop with Julie and Heather, today riding the chena ridge loop with Stac and Hieke... spring is here and i love it!!

Super busy these days working at the greenhouse, and getting ready for the GC trip...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fairbanks dinner

Yesterday was just a typical day... home at 5:30. take dog for walk. dog flushes a spruce grouse. grouse crashes into powerline, dies instantly (that part isn't really typical, tho not surprising cause they are just about the dumbest birds). walk home with grouse. pluck and butcher, fry up for dinner. meet kumi for a movie at 7 pm.

I actually had never cut open a bird before - to eat that is. I've cut open plenty of birds to insert radio transmitters, take biopsies, etc... but never to eat.

Needless to say, I was feeling very proud, very Alaskan. I'm still just an unemployed biologist - but at least I'm a well fed one!