Monday, November 26, 2007

don't worry mom!

it's not my ship (tho it was on the exact same route). really, what are the chances of it happening again?
Incase you missed the news...

Friday, November 23, 2007

turkey weigh in

Somehow, somewhere along the way (I think the first was at ellie and april's apt. in Anchorage?) we started this tradition of a formal weigh in before and after Thanksgiving dinner. This year, nobody came even close to Max's all time record (11 lbs!)- most of us came in around the 3 lb mark, but the grand prize went to Tom at 6, and Rizzolo close behind at 5 lbs. Wyatt obviously wasn't too fond of this tradition. This is the only photo I took all day - guess I was too busy enjoying the outstanding food and great company...
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Another great trip out to Tolovana Hot Springs. How to describe that place? Maybe just the fact that I keep going back says enough. It's always a bit epic getting out there, tho fortunately this year was a beach walk compared to our new years trip lastyear. The hot springs are always a delight - even this year with the clouds and snow hiding the aurora. The cabin is always full of good folk, great food, and good cheer. It's always a trip of excess, this year was no exception (Trevor brought 90 little sausages - for 15 people?? and that doesn't even include the 3 tubs of yogurt, 12 pounds of granola, fruit and pancakes that were also part of breakfast). You might think a grueling 12 mile ski would encourage some 'go lite' attitude - but then you wouldn't know the insane generosity of this crowd. The gray photos don't do it justice - it was really gorgeous with the fresh snow. Check Dan's, Ed, Lena, or Ted's blog for better photos.
Dan, Ann, and Trevor on the ski out.
snow sculpture on the dome.
Caz is really starting to get into skijoring this year, she was great!
THANKS ED for coordinating another great trip!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

embracing darkness

Blog maintenance here is suffering, no photos, i'm uninspired - let's just blame it on daylight savings time. It's hard enough losing 6 or 7 minutes a day, but losing a full hour - so that suddenly it's dark at 5, and feels like midnight at 6 pm - well some reason that was harder this year than usual. Anyhow I've embraced the darkness now and am spending my time these days watching lots of NG documentaries on Antarctica and knitting. (But don't expect any hand knit christmas presents from me - the documentaries are actually fascinating and I can't seem to pay any attention to the knitting) If you're looking for some more interesting blogging than this - check out Ed's blog this week. But if you want a better movie than Into the Wild, check out Shackelton's Endurance - Caroline and I watched it again the other night. It's just an absolutely incredible story, an absolute must see.

Monday, November 05, 2007

DJ weekend

Check out Rachel's, Mette's, or Shiway's blog for the latest Wyatt photos. Fun hanging out with the girls, we never even saw the boys cause Dave got a moose. Shiway gave me a bunch of good books for my Antarctic trip next month - I am so crazy excited about it, but overwhelmed too.