Tuesday, December 26, 2006


ellie's definitely still prego. this baby is already on mason time..

dog madness

i did my best to protect poor little pella from all the delta farm dogs, but this just ain't condo living... we had 9 dogs over for dinner, and 6 spent the night...

christmas feast

Tamales, King Crab, salmon cakes, stuffed eggplant, homemade cookies and truffles... we had an incredible feast here with good friends and of course the best bartender in fairbanks...

1st skijor

Caz got a harness for christmas, and we finally got some good snow... so I hooked her up for the first time christmas morning. I hooked her up with Sky, and Kumi and Phil were up ahead with their 'professional' mushin dogs so she had someone to chase, the trail was perfect condition... she did great!! Of course there's been lots of rough memories of last christmas, so it just felt incredible to be out on the trail again...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

white christmas here...

Wish we could share our white christmas with you! Beautiful christmas eve morning here with several inches of fresh snow. Merry christmas all - love, jules.

(and no, i haven't heard any news from the masons yet...)

Monday, December 18, 2006

playing house

I'm housesitting for my friend Mark this month. In addition to the heated garage, hottub, wood stove, great views and warmer temps, indoor plumbing...I'm also enjoying the wireless blogging. I'm hoping for lots of change in the new year, I'm thinking it really is time to upgrade from the outhouse and dialup internet.
View from the bedroom, you can see the alaska range from here...

bryce's present..

all my 3 year old nephew wants from santa this year is a chocolate chip cookie. that's what i'm talking about, easy to please! so mine is on it's way... sorry i'm so late getting things in the mail, i hope my box gets to Maine in time! and i know it won't look anything like this, so i took a photo, so you can appreciate the thought if not the crumbs. for those of you who can't appreciate my artwork - that's a B for Bryce, not an 8.

dea's kapusta

Dea had a holiday party on saturday - all the pics are on their blog. never thought i liked saurkraut but damn her kapusta is good.

mro - this torte maybe rivaled one of your deserts. we'll have to have a bake off when you get back to see who can make the most decadent desert...

"last chance" party

Laura finished her phd comps last week, and is getting married next week... despite her chaotic schedule we managed to squeeze in a bachlorette party and send her off in style (or at least exhausted). Even tho the band was a no-show we had a great night of dancing. I can't post the incriminating photos but here's a few.
It was laura's party, until Nancy showed up with the 5 mo. old twins and you just had a group of women going gaga over the babies...

too many butts in the kitchen!

Friday, December 15, 2006

view from the outhouse

a few nights ago. sorry, can't do northern lights photos with this little camera. but you get the idea, it was gorgeous...

Monday, December 04, 2006

white mtns

first trip out to the whites yesterday. great snow, warm temps, fun ski. here's the gang (dea, ben, stac) and a classic action photo of caz and pella...

Friday, December 01, 2006

anchorage film

jimmy -an old friend from anchorage made a short film and got it in the anchorage International film festival. you anchoragites should go check it out Sunday @4 @ the Anchorage musuem. you can preview the movie here -http://www.myspace.com/121780997