Tuesday, May 29, 2007

more grand photos

i just got a cd with all of sajit's photos from the grand trip, some fun ones to blog...

of course lots of good yoga on the river.

not sure if greg was hiding out from me or the sun, he's under the umbrella. isn't that load just a little bit crazy?

tim and i obviously discussing something critically important here...

not sure i can explain this photo...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

uninspired blogger...

not much inspiration for photos these days, everything seems dull next to the grand canyon photos. but finally took my camera to work today, wish i had taken photos in march when we first planted for comparison. we delivered more than $10,000 worth of flower baskets to local businesses just in the last 2 days - it blows my mind how much money people spend on flowers in this town - it's great! walking by this sea of osteos every day makes me happy. them and the gerber daisies, the thumbergia... those are my favorites.

finally some awesome awesome news for dea, i'm so excited to have her healthy again.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

back from the grand

sifting through hundreds of photos while on a 4 hr layover in salt lake city... i can't even begin to describe what an absolutely incredible trip it was. hopefully the photos will do some justice...
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slot canyons

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most days we took a short hike up a side canyon at lunch - incredible slot canyons with gorgeous pools and waterfalls.
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kaibab trail

hike in from the south rim.
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lava falls

biggest rapid on the trip, class 10! day 9.
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desert in bloom

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